The Bossard Group is a leading global provider of product solutions and services in industrial fastening and assembly technology. More than 1 million items as well as proven expertise in technical consulting and inventory management distinguishes the Bossard Group.

Bossard was founded in Zug in 1831. Today local and multinational companies count on Bossard's expertise to increase their productivity - with success. Bossard calls this concept, which is also a promise to its customers, “Proven Productivity.” This includes, among other things, optimizing processes and reducing inventories to increase the efficiency and productivity sustainably.

Bossard is our TITLE SPONSOR


SmartLink Inc. is one of the key fasteners suppliers in Bangalore, providing a wide array of products. From stainless steel fasteners to nuts and bolts, they are among the leading fastener manufacturers in Bangalore.

Since its inception, SmartLink Inc has thrived hard to provide value and outreach the expectations of its customers. Some of their best selling products include items like stainless steel fasteners, security fasteners, clinch fasteners, self tapping screws, self drilling screws, anti-theft tamper, proof screws, and thread inserts among the vast array of products in their collection.

Smartlink Inc. has provided us nuts and bolts

Honeycomb International Inc. is a pioneer in manufacturing lightweight honeycomb panels in India. The Company has specialized in researching and developing honeycomb core and honeycomb sandwich panels for over 40 years.

Honeycomb Inc. has provided us with Aluminium honeycomb for the Chassis of our pod


Altium provides software tools to empower and connect PCB designers, part suppliers and manufacturers to develop and manufacture electronics products faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Altium has provided us with their valuable software that we use for our PCB design

CADFEM is a pioneer in the application of numerical simulation in product development and a leading CAE provider, and supports Ansys users with all aspects of simulation. CADFEM operates within a strong partner network and is part of the international CADFEM Group.

CADFEM has given their valuable software to us which we utilize for mechanical simulations


EMWorks provides best-in-class 2D and 3D electromagnetic simulation software solutions with multiphysics capabilities. Their advanced tools empower engineers in the fields of electrical and electronics design to achieve optimal results for electromagnetic and electric device design.

EMWORKS has provided us their software which aided us in simulating our Linear Induction Motor over various parameters

SimScale is a computer-aided engineering software product based on cloud computing. The company provides high-fidelity engineering simulation on any hardware. They empower engineers with: fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, thermodynamics, electromagnetics and multiphysics analyses in the cloud.

SIMSCALE has given their software to us which helped in Mechanical simulations

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